Custom-Fit Fitness Skirts | FREE SHIPPING

Achieving the Perfect Fit

Provide us with 4 measurements and we will create and sew a skirt specific to your body shape, size and preferred length.

Using a flexible measuring tape take your measurements with the tape parallel to the floor and snug against your body but not tight. The finished skirt will skim over your body and over your favorite compression shorts, capris, or shorts.
Measurement Instructions:
Use a flexible measuring tape and measure with the tape parallel to the floor.
1. Waist: Measure your waist circumference at your natural waist (usually where it creases when you bend side to side but you can also make it higher or lower based on your preference).
2. High Hip: Measure your circumference about 4" below the waist measurement.
3. Low Hip: Measure the circumference about 8" below the waist. This should represent the widest part of your body.
4. Length: Measure skirt length by looking in the mirror and placing the tape measure at the waist (same location used for #1 measurement) and letting it fall in front of you.  Record your desired length.